Ron Paul On Cavuto: Quit Funding These Nations

As a guest on Friday’s episode of Cavuto, Ron Paul spoke about the need to end foreign aid, President Obama’s abuse of power, and how the government was allowed to grow for so long.

Speaking on aid to Egypt he said “this discussion about ‘was it a coup or wasn’t it a coup’ – we’re missing the point.  We should quit funding these nations and trying to pick the good guys versus the bad guys because it always seems to end up badly and we’re always switching sides.”

He added, “I would say we argue for the defense of this country and quit throwing our money away.”

The topic then went to a discussion about President Obama’s disregard for Congress and use of executive orders.  Paul said, “It’s lawlessness… These executive orders are out of control.  I would say no it’s not unique to this President, but believe me it’s worse than ever before and continues to get worse.”


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