About Us

About Us

WearsMyLiberty.com began when we decided to design our own Ron Paul Revolution shirts to promote Ron Paul and the R3VOLution here in Oregon before the 2012 GOP primary.  Then others started asking where they could buy one.  This website was created to give others the ability to help spread the message by wearing their liberty.

Our goal is to help spread the message of liberty in at least some small way.  Since it’s launch, this website has become one of the top Google results for many liberty related searches – including “What is Liberty?

Tens of thousands of people curious about the meaning of liberty have visited this website from countries around the world on six different continents (we’re still waiting on Antarctica).

We’ve even had visits from people inside the US Senate, House of Representatives, The White House and other government agencies that hopefully learned some things about the meaning of liberty.

When you purchase one of our shirts you are helping to spread the message in multiple ways.

Firstly, you are helping to cover some of the costs associated with hosting and operating this website and our mission of spreading liberty across the internet.

Also, when you wear your shirt you become a walking billboard for liberty impacting everyone that you encounter that day.  T-Shirts are an amazing way to reach thousands of people and are great at sparking conversation.

Thank you for visiting and we appreciate your help.  If you have any other questions, please contact us by email, Facebook or Twitter.