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Ron Paul Birthday


Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Dr. Ron Paul on his 82nd birthday!

Along with many of you, we wouldn’t

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Rand Paul 5th of November Money Bomb


Remember, Remember…

On November 5th, 2007 Ron Paul supporters created the first ever “money bomb”. In the years since it’s been copied by every candidate on both sides from Obama, to Bernie, to Fred Thompson.

This November 5th, take

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Rand Paul At The NSA Data Center In Utah

Grassroots supporters are organizing a “Constitution Day Money Bomb” on September 17th for Rand Paul, the only candidate that is speaking about following the Constitution and the entire Bill of Rights.

The organizers have experience planning and

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Senator Lindsey Graham (Neocon – SC) did not look amused as Rand Paul repeatedly objected to temporary extensions of the Patriot Act.

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“Whatever happened to,
– ‘Hey, I have some apples, would you like to buy them?’
– ‘Yes! Thank you!’
That’s as complicated as it should

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