Ron Paul On NSA Spying: “Have The Terrorists Already Won?”


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“At times like this, the question must be asked, ‘if we are willing to change our way of life and our very definition of freedom while tolerating the invasive searches at our airports and now of our phone calls, have the terrorists already won?'”  – Ron Paul

Even if it were possible to have complete security (it’s not), would it really be worth it if it meant giving up your liberty?  What is the point of “fighting for our freedom” if we have to take away freedoms in order to win the fight?

Some people say that “if one life is saved, it’s worth it”.  But is it really?

Would you allow the government to:

  • put a camera in your house
  • fit you with a GPS tracking bracelet
  • conduct weekly searches of your home
  • impose a curfew
  • set up checkpoints and allow only approved travel outside of your neighborhood
  • censor and filter the internet
  • and do anything else it says is necessary to “keep you safe”?

What if it were guaranteed that doing so would mean there is never another life lost to a terrorist attack?

What if you also knew that without these measures there would be a future attack, with hundreds or thousands of deaths?

What if you knew the attack would be in your city, and that it had the possibility of harming you or a loved one directly?

Would you do it?  Would you trade your liberty for security?

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