Pay Using Bitcoin And Get 15% Off!
We are now happy to introduce Bitcoin as a payment method.
Why would you want to use Bitcoin?:  Bitcoin is great for online purchases because it's a peer-to-peer payment method.  It goes directly from you to us, no need for credit cards, payment processors or banks.  It's good for the merchant because it's fast, free, and there is no risk of chargebacks.  It's good and safe for you as the customer because you don't have to give any banking or personal information.  All we need is the address you want your shirt shipped to.
Bitcoin bypasses and weakens the power of the banks, credit card companies, payment processors and the Federal Reserve.
To Start:  First, choose which shirt you want.  Go here and click on an image to see details, photos, sizing info and current availability for each shirt.

Then send an email to order [at] with the size and style you wish to purchase and your shipping address.  This will ensure that your choice is still in stock and will allow us to set it aside to be shipped before it can be purchased by someone else.

If you are ordering more than one shirt we will adjust the price to make sure you are only charged the flat $5 priority shipping fee once on your entire order.
We will then provide you with a Coinbase payment page where you can make your bitcoin payment.

When your order ships we will send you an email with the USPS tracking number.

If you have any questions, please email us at info [at]

"An Idea Whose Time Has Come" Shirt


Sizes S - XL With Shipping Included = $22.00


Size XXL With Shipping Included = $23.70



"Ron Paul Revolution" Shirt


Sizes S - XL With Shipping Included = $22.00