End The Fed

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Introducing Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

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Why Don't We Just Print More Money?

Why Don’t We Just Print More Money?

Share this with your friends when they ask, “why don’t we just print more money?“ Here’s a basic explanation of why printing a bunch of money and giving it away to people doesn’t work: In short prices will go up after a drastic increase in the money supply because: If people have more money, they’ll […]

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Thomas Massie's End The Fed License Plate

Check Out Congressman Thomas Massie’s License Plate: NDFED

  Click here for this image on Facebook This is a picture of freshman Representative Thomas Massie’s Tesla electric car, complete with Kentucky license plate “NDFED“. If you look closely you can see that it is also a “Friends of Coal” plate with the motto “Coal Keeps the Lights On!“.

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Rand Paul Introduces Audit The Fed Bill

Click here to share this on Facebook Updated 10/25/13 –  Senator Paul has said that he plans to hold up the nomination of Janet Yellen as the next Federal Reserve Chair until Harry Reid agrees to let the Senate vote on his bill to audit the Fed.   Last year “Audit The Fed” was passed […]

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Ron Paul Ben Bernanke Silver End The Fed

What Does Ron Paul Invest In?

  If you know anything about Ron Paul, you probably already know the answer to that question.  For years Paul has warned about inflation caused by the Federal Reserve’s various “quantitative easing” moves and it’s manipulation of interest rates.  He speaks about how paper fiat money is doomed to fail and that commodities such as silver […]

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