Day: October 25, 2012

Ron Paul End The War In Afghanistan Bring The Troops Home

Bring Our Troops Home

    Click for full size image on Facebook “We are going broke. This is how the Soviet system collapsed. Guess what, the Soviets were so foolish that they got bogged down in Afghanistan. So I would say let’s get out from Afghanistan and bring our troops home.” – Ron Paul Even though he is […]

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F.A. Hayek Equality Government Totalitarian Power

A Government Big Enough To…

  “A claim for equality of material position can only be met by a government with totalitarian powers.” – Friedrich Hayek This quote by F.A. Hayek is similar to another one that is commonly attributed to Thomas Jefferson but was actually said by President Gerald Ford during a speech to Congress. “A government big enough […]

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Ron Paul Is Asking For Our Help

  Ron Paul sent this email asking us to help Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan.  Amash has been the biggest ally in Congress of both Ron Paul and the liberty movement. Even if you are unable to personally donate to his campaign, you can still help by sharing this with as many people as possible. […]

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Your Chance To Own The Ron Paul Corvette

  Here’s your chance to own a piece of the r3VOLution.  The famous “Ron Paul Corvette” is for sale on Ebay.  The owner says the reason for selling is that they want to make sure it goes to a good home where it will be taken care of.  Starting bid is $25,000 and there is […]

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