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Oct 29, 2012

Find Your Liberty Candidates

Need help finding a list of liberty candidates to vote for in your state?  Check out to see a list of the known liberty candidates nationwide broken down by states.  

What is a liberty candidate?  According to their website they define a liberty candidate as:

Liberty Candidates Support:
Individual Liberty
Constitutional Government
Sound Money
Free Markets
Non-interventionist Foreign Policy

You can also add more to your state's list if they are missing.  This is a great tool to use as the election approaches.  2012 can still be a great victory for the liberty movement if we are successful at getting our people in state and local offices around the country.

Also, share the list with your friends, even if they aren't already liberty supporters.  Many people only vote for the top offices and leave lower level local choices blank because they don't know the candidates.  If they don't care anyways, they may vote for the list just because you asked.

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