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Oct 31, 2015

Rand Paul 5th of November Money Bomb

Rand Paul November 5th Money Bomb

On Nov 5th, 2007 the first Money Bomb was created. This Nov 5th, we will #StandWithRand & once again send a message to the establishment & media that shall never be forgot. #RememberThe5thJoin the Facebook event & invite friends:➥➥➥ Version:➥

Posted by Rand Paul Money Bomb on Monday, October 19, 2015


Remember, Remember...

On November 5th, 2007 Ron Paul supporters created the first ever "money bomb".  In the years since it's been copied by every candidate on both sides from Obama, to Bernie, to Fred Thompson.

This November 5th, take a stand against a rapidly expanding federal government that is racing deeper in to debt and prying in to every part of your life.

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"Enough is enough. No more debt!" - Rand PaulToday, Rand Paul is standing to fight the unlimited expansion of debt...

Posted by Rand Paul Money Bomb on Thursday, October 29, 2015


"As President, on Day One, I will immediately end this unconstitutional surveillance." - Rand PaulThis 5th of...

Posted by Rand Paul Money Bomb on Monday, October 26, 2015


“We have to decide whether our fear is going to get the better of us." - Rand PaulThis 5th of November, #StandWithRand...

Posted by Rand Paul Money Bomb on Wednesday, October 21, 2015


On November 5th, the federal government will again reach their debt limit - which is already over $18 Trillion.Instead...

Posted by Rand Paul Money Bomb on Monday, October 12, 2015




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Sep 2, 2015

Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb - Sept 17th

Rand Paul Consitution Day MoneyBomb - Sept 17th

"Will you lovers of liberty rise to the occasion?" - Rand PaulHelp spread the word about the Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb by sharing this video, liking the page, joining the event & inviting friends.YouTube version for sharing outside Facebook:

Posted by Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb on Monday, August 31, 2015


Grassroots supporters are organizing a "Constitution Day Money Bomb" on September 17th for Rand Paul, the only candidate that is speaking about following the Constitution and the entire Bill of Rights. 

The organizers have experience planning and promoting money bombs for Ron Paul like "No One But Paul", "In It To Win It" and "Rise For Liberty" - collectively raising millions of dollars in total.

If you are unfamiliar with a money bomb - on September 17th supporters everywhere will join together and donate to Rand Paul at the same time.  When we all come together and combine our donations we can have an effect that is greater than the sum of it's parts.  If the number is large enough it will create buzz and positive news stories.

On the day of the money bomb, all donations will be made to the official campaign's secure donation page:

The success of a money bomb relies on people like you, grassroots supporters sharing the ads and telling their friends.

We need YOU to help get the word out about the Rand Paul Constitution Day Money BombLike, Share, RT, Join & Invite...

Posted by Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If you'd like to contribute content or just help promote, here are some links to use to get the word out:

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Wouldn't it be great to have a President that believes this? #StandWithRandYou can help make it happen by spreading...

Posted by Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb on Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Rand Paul Is A Fighter For #Liberty And The Constitution#StandWithRand & help spread the word - Join the event, invite...

Posted by Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb on Sunday, August 23, 2015


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May 23, 2015

[GIF] Lindsey Graham Rolls Eyes At Rand Paul's Objections To Patriot Act Extension

Senator Lindsey Graham (Neocon - SC) did not look amused as Rand Paul repeatedly objected to temporary extensions of the Patriot Act.


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Apr 15, 2015

Ron Swanson On Starting A Business

"Whatever happened to,
- 'Hey, I have some apples, would you like to buy them?'
- 'Yes! Thank you!'
That's as complicated as it should be to open a business in this country."  - Ron Swanson

Two people engaged in a private, voluntary exchange should not need to first ask for a permission slip from government. 

Business licensing makes it more difficult for a new business to enter the market and protects the current established businesses from competition.

If you want to solve unemployment and boost the economy - eliminate business licensing restrictions and create millions of new entrepreneurs overnight.

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Two people engaged in a private, voluntary exchange should not need to ask for a permission slip from government.If...

Posted by Wears My Liberty on Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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Feb 12, 2015

Ron Paul: End The IRS And Replace It With Nothing

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"When I say cut taxes, I don't mean fiddle with the code.
I mean abolish the income tax and the IRS, and replace them with nothing." - Ron Paul

Spread the message on Twitter:


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Jan 6, 2015

Government Answers Calls For Safety By Taking Rights Away

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"Every time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away from good people."  -  Penn Jillette

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Dec 9, 2014

Ron Paul: We Are Free To Make Bad Decisions

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"The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions.

Freedom to make bad decisions is inherent in the freedom to make good ones.

If we are only free to make good decisions, we are not really free." - Ron Paul

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Sep 24, 2014

Jusin Amash: Irresponsible And Immoral For Congress Not To Vote On War

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"It is irresponsible and immoral that instead of debating and voting on war, Congressional leaders chose to recess Congress for nearly two months."  - Rep. Justin Amash

Even if you agree with a particular military action, it must first be debated and voted on by Congress.

The power to go to war is too important to be given to one person.

In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama made it clear that he agreed:

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

As Commander-in-Chief, the President does have a duty to protect and defend the United States.  In instances of self-defense, the President would be within his constitutional authority to act before advising Congress or seeking its consent. 

History has shown us time and again, however, that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the Legislative branch. It is always preferable to have the informed consent of Congress prior to any military action."

Unfortunately, as is the case throughout history, once in office the President has changed his mind and fully embraced the powers that he once campaigned against.

And Congress once again chooses to take the coward's position.  So afraid to vote and be put on record regarding an important issue - lest they be judged wrong in the future - they would rather concede more power to the Executive and sink themselves further into irrelevance.



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Sep 10, 2014

Ron Paul On ISIS: US Has Policy Of Schizophrenia

Ron Paul described the US policy regarding ISIS as a "policy of schizophrenia". 

Former allies are now enemies and former enemies like Iran and Muqtada al-Sadr are now allies.

The US is using air strikes to bomb it's own American weapons - that were given to Syrian rebels and Iraqi militia - which are now being used by ISIS.

Instead of learning a lesson from the consequences of the US giving away weapons to rebel groups, intervionists like John McCain want to give even more weapons to fighters in the region. 

How long will it be until the people that the US has armed to fight against ISIS decide to instead use those weapons to expand their own territory? 

What happens if after defeating ISIS, the Kurds decide to use their new American weapons to continue expanding their borders?  The Kurds in Iraq have already expanded the area they control by 40% since the conflict with ISIS began.

If the Kurds end up using the power vacuum created by a weakened Iraqi government and the defeat of ISIS to move closer to their goal of a greater independent Kurdistan will the US then be forced to return once again to fight another former ally? 

Should the US give weapons to former Iraq War enemy turned ally Moqtada al-Sadr and his Shi'ite militia?

US needs plan to defeat ISIS — but also for what follows:

If extremist Shiite militias are allowed to take charge of Anbar, a predominantly Sunni province of Iraq controlled in part by ISIS, serious human rights abuses against Sunnis will follow. And if the various members of the factions that are fighting ISIS end up turning their guns on one another, turmoil will continue for years to come. “Once the fighting is over, the political infighting will begin right away,” predicted Bill Roggio, of the Long War Journal, which closely tracks conflicts.

Nearly all of the members of the coalition against ISIS have been at odds with one another in the past. Iraqi forces under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki once crushed Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army, but now Iraq needs Sadr’s men to help fight ISIS. The Iranian-backed Shiite militias once killed American soldiers with improvised explosive devices. Now the United States quietly supports them by bombing ISIS, their mortal enemy.

This schizophrenic policy has the US now working with the very same people that directly fought with and killed US troops in Iraq.  What happens if after fighting ISIS the Shi'ite militias decide to use American weapons against the Sunnis?

These different factions which have come together to fight ISIS have long been fighting with each other.  It will surprise no one if after this coalition falls apart they return to their previous civil wars. 

There isn't really anything that the US can do to undo these historic fueds and cause them to live together in peace.  But what the US can do is not supply the weapons that will be used by the next group that decides to expand their control and slaughter innocent people. 

And when John McCain starts calling for the US to get involved yet again to stop them, remember that it could have been prevented.

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Aug 2, 2014

Drew Carey: Government Screws Everything Up

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"You only think the government has to run the freeways because you've never thought of the government not running the freeways. 

We don't say, 'well, the government needs to run these diners 'cause I'm sick of getting a bad cheese sandwich.  If the government ran it, it'd be so much better.' 

You would be afraid for your life if the government ran the diners.  'Cause the government screws everything up." - Drew Carey

"But, without government, who would build the roads?"

When you're stuck in a traffic jam, trying to make sense of confusing signs, or driving over a road full of potholes... do you ever think there could be a better way?

As Drew Carey points out, you are most likely so used to the fact that the goverment builds and runs the roads that you don't even imagine an alternative.  But why not?  If competition results in lower costs and better quality in other areas, why not with roads?

Most people can agree that the current road system in the US is not perfect.  Should the problems be solved by central planning and more taxes, or by groups forced to compete to earn your money in a free market? 

Which group has a greater incentive to give you a faster, safer, more confortable commute - a government that has the power to take your money through taxes or a private company that has to pursuade you to voluntarily give it to them?


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